Sunday , June 7 2020
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Alabama Legislature Approves Medical Marijuana Commission Bill

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Senator Tim Melson sponsored legislation to create a medical marijuana commission in Alabama, and the House approved the legislation in a vote of 80–19. The Senate made some amendments and also approved the bill (27-2).

The original Senate version of the bill included provisions to legalize medical marijuana, according to the Montgomery Advertiser.  The commission will have until December 1 to determine its recommendations. Fifteen people will make up the commission including a minimum of 4 physicians and 3 attorneys. The remainder of the panel would be business representatives and mental health counselors.

Melson said, “People realize we need to quit thinking everything’s wrong because it was taboo in the past. It doesn’t mean we don’t need to be looking for the good in it.”

No less than 3 public meetings regarding medical marijuana will be held.

Even if the commission provides a positive recommendation to implement legal medical marijuana, the state’s legislature isn’t required to adopt the recommendation.

Carly’s Law has been renewed under the legislation. If this legislation did not pass, Carly’s Law would have expired on July 1.

The bill is now in the hands of Governor Kay Ivey.