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Alabama Senator Wants Marijuana Rescheduled

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Senator Doug Jones says it’s time for marijuana to be removed from the federal Controlled Substances Act. Keeping it on the list impedes research efforts, according to the Senator. His position is a refreshing sign that times are changing in Alabama.

Jones wants each state to be able to decide its position on marijuana, according to the Alabama Political Reporter. The state has created a study commission that will make its recommendations to the state legislature during the 2020 legislative session. There are no speculations yet regarding which way the study commission might be leaning so far.

Jones said, “I think it is about time that we moved it off the controlled states list. This is really a states right issue these days.”

Jones also said, “Veterans in particular want this. Instead of continuing to incarcerate people, we should put our federal resources into higher level drug trafficking and human trafficking.”

State Senator Tim Melson plans to introduce a medical marijuana bill when the new regular session begins on February 4, 2020. Melson is also a physician and believes in marijuana’s medicinal value.