Saturday , June 6 2020
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Alabama Lawmakers Consider a Limited Medical Marijuana Bill

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House Bill 243 has over 20 lawmakers in the Alabama House supporting it. The bill hopes to legalize medical marijuana for a limited number of health conditions. Leni’s Law is in effect, but it only allows for those with debilitating medical conditions to possess and use it.

Leni’s Law only goes so far by providing an “affirmative defense” for those interacting with law enforcement for possession of CBD, WFSA 12 News acknowledges. The CARE Act would be created in Alabama if House Bill 243 becomes law. Those with approved medical conditions would be able to apply for a medical marijuana card as long as they have one of the 32 health conditions included. Licensed physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants would be able to recommend patients for medical marijuana cards.

One of the bill’s sponsors, Representative Mike Ball said, “But this can ease suffering for a lot of people for a lot of things.”

Under House Bill 243, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission would also be created. Cultivation and distribution at licensed dispensaries would be permitted and regulations for those actions would need to be created.

House Speaker Mac McCutcheon is not confident that the legislation will pass. He said, “It’s hard to say, because of the cannabis and marijuana issue that’s attached to it. It’s going to be interesting to see how that bill moves.”

It’s unknown when this bill will see more attention.