Saturday , June 6 2020
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Changes Coming in Alabama Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill


CBD shops are starting to open up in Alabama thanks to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Within hours of the bill’s signing into law, one Alabama proprietor submitted paperwork to request a business license. Honeysuckle Hemp offers raw hemp flower as well as other hemp-derived CBD products.

The raw hemp flower offered at Honeysuckle Hemp is kept in drawers, WSFA 12 News noted. Other CBD products are lined up neatly in glass cases. The shop focuses on natural healing.

Owner Chad Chig Martin said, “I had been keeping up with the Farm Bill and knew this was coming. When the Farm Bill was officially signed – within a couple hours – I was requesting a business license in Alabama.”

Honeysuckle Hemp is considered to be Alabama’s first CBD superstore. There are 9 different brands of CBD oil available. The location is also touted as having the largest amount of raw hemp flower in the state. There are three strains available.

The hemp products in this store come from California, Colorado, Tennessee and Utah.

For those that must avoid all THC, there are THC-free options available.

Martin said, “All of our products have under that .3 percent.”

The state’s Attorney General, Steve Marshall, issued guidance very quickly after the Farm Bill was signed.

All customers leave with paperwork showing that their product is below 0.3% THC.

Martin said, “We’ve gotten to a point in society where we think of natural medicine as a dirty word. We’re trying to change the thinking here. Natural medicine should be a great word compared to pharmaceutical and chemical driven medicine.”

It is expected that more hemp CBD shops will be opening around the state in the coming months.