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Alabama Parents Excited for FDA-Approved Marijuana Drug for Epilepsy

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With the recent FDA approval of Epidiolex, several families in Alabama are looking forward to having another option for treating their children’s epilepsy. Leon and Amanda Cunningham relocated from Alabama to Arizona in 2017 to have access to CBD oil for their daughter’s epilepsy. The Alabama Department of Human Resources stepped in and made them stop giving CBD oil to their daughter.

The FDA has indicated that Epidiolex will not induce a high, which is part of the reason it was approved for widespread prescribing, WAAY 31 News reports. Pharmacies in the Alabama area are unsure of what the medication will cost as they have not been informed yet. They have also mentioned that insurance isn’t likely to cover it right away.

Nicholas Williams said he would give his daughter Shantell, age 20, who does have epilepsy Epidiolex if she needed it. She would qualify for the medication.

Williams said, “If my daughter were in a situation where she was having more uncontrolled seizures and the medication she was taking were not helping her, then I would 100% be on board with giving her cannabis oil. She only has roughly two to three seizures a month. So we’re pretty happy with that control.”

Regarding what the FDA says about Epidiolex, Williams said, “When they removed that (the THC), you’re only getting the cannabidiol oil instead. It takes away from people worrying about, well you’re giving these kids this stuff and it’s getting them high. That’s not the problem anymore.”