Thursday , July 18 2019
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Alabama Should Legalize Marijuana, Say The Crimson Tide’s Editors

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Support among lawmakers is lacking in Alabama to move forward on attempts to legalize any form of marijuana, states the Alabama publication The Crimson Tide.

Being that Alabama is a conservative state, efforts to legalize are difficult, The Crimson Tide reports. The editors at The Tide state that legalization would create a “happier, more compassionate and better-funded state.” Mentions of the plant’s medicinal benefits, including reducing anxiety and depression, are outlined in the text.

The editors say that the state should legalize both medical and recreational marijuana. The state could use the tax revenue as well. Another major point the staff made is that the court systems are clogged with marijuana cases. Jails are at 173-percent capacity – meaning there is a major overcrowding issue.  Allowing the release of some of those imprisoned for non-violent marijuana charges could significantly help the overcrowding issue.

The Editorial Board is calling on Alabama lawmakers to move forward rather than continue to live in the past by legalizing marijuana because regardless if it is legal or not, Alabamans are still going to use it. The board also suggests that maintaining prohibition in the state does more harm than good.