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Poll: “The Only Drug Americans Want to Legalize Is Marijuana”

Marijuana Survey

A new poll conducted by Vox and Morning Consult conducted this month show that Americans are for the decriminalization of marijuana. The poll surveyed nearly 2,000 registered voters about marijuana and other illicit drugs.

The poll’s language helped define decriminalization so that those taking part understand the terminology. Decriminalization is: “no arrest, prison time, or criminal record for the first-time possession of a small amount of that drug for personal use.”

Drugs included in the poll:

  • MDMA
  • Marijuana
  • Meth
  • LSD
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Ibogaine
  • Psilocybin mushrooms (AKA magic mushrooms)

Marijuana was heavily supported by young, liberal Democratic voters in terms of decriminalization and/or legalization for recreational and medical use. A majority of those same voters oppose similar moves for the other drugs.

Even with some scientific research information attempting to prove that some other drugs, like psychedelic mushrooms and LSD, could potentially assist with anxiety and PTSD, the support from the general public is not there. The concern is that using hallucinogenic and highly addictive illicit drugs will lead to more overdoses and deaths from increased tolerances from regular use.

Overall, voters are coming around to the realization that marijuana does have real health benefits and it is not as dangerous as alcohol or other drugs.