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Lawmakers in Michigan to Vote About Marijuana Monopolies

Michigan Marijuana Law

Michigan lawmakers are considering a vote to regulate medical marijuana in a similar way to their state’s alcohol regulations. This means that a three-tier system would be in place, thus blocking marijuana business owners from operating multiple industry related establishments

Essentially, an individual would only be able to perform the actions of the license applied and approved for. Those holding cultivation licenses would only be able to cultivate. The same goes for distributors and retailers.

The new provisions up for discussion are supported by patient advocate groups, where it is thought that blocking monopolies will eliminate middle men. Monopolies come with monopoly pricing, meaning pricing of medical marijuana could potentially rise. This would make obtaining medicine difficult for patients on limited incomes.

Making these changes is in an effort to keep medical marijuana affordable for all patients. Residents of Michigan voted for and passed medical marijuana legalization in 2008 and additional bills have been put in place to make the program more efficient for both patients and providers. These bills allow for additional types of medical marijuana products, such as non-smokable options, to be offered and a complete seed-to-sale tracking system. A 3-percent excise tax has also been put in place on marijuana sales.

Senator Rick Jones supports blocking monopolies. He also supports patients having options for obtaining their medication. The Senator has worked hard to make sure that monopolies weren’t formed in this program.