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First-Ever Marijuana Class by Nationally Accredited University

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As the medical marijuana industry grows, a need for higher education in the industry is apparent. Phoenix-based Dunlap-Stone University will be offering marijuana classes starting in December, reports ABC15. The classes will last 6 weeks and will account for 3 credit hours.

“It’s the only one in the country that’s gone through that rigorous process to get approved,” mentioned the president of Dunlap-Stone University, Donald Burton.

More is coming in terms of course study. The online university also has plans to offer degree programs for the marijuana industry. These will include a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Health Administration degrees. The programs will focus on cannabinoid therapy and general marijuana business operations.

All potential students must meet the minimum requirements by the Dunlap-Stone University to take the elective course. One of those requirements is having a high school diploma or GED. An additional requirement is the completion of a pre-enrollment counselling session.

Dunlap-Stone University focuses on the business aspects of the marijuana before the growing, research and maintenance of marijuana in accordance with national accreditation standards. The university has employed Gerry Bedore for the instruction of these courses. Bedore is a leader in the marijuana industry and plans to include information regarding the history of marijuana as well as educating students on the medical uses of marijuana. The course will also discuss the science behind marijuana and debunk many marijuana-related myths.

Shorter classes, averaging just 6 hours, are available for those that wish to pursue employment at a licensed medical marijuana dispensary. These courses teach potential employees of dispensaries and grows about tending to the plants, properly trimming buds and proper handling techniques. Further education into the history of marijuana and the business aspects of the industry are expected to create more informed employment candidate pools.