Sunday , June 7 2020
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Alabama Renews Carly’s Law and Launches a Marijuana Commission

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With just hours before the signing deadline, Governor Kay Ivey signed Senate Bill 236 into law. Carly’s Law has been renewed, which provides access to CBD for children with epilepsy. The state will also create a commission that will study the effects of medical marijuana.

Alabama lawmakers had a very heated debate about Senate Bill 236 before the House passed it with a vote of 80-19, according to WHNT 19 News. The goal of the commission is also to glean information that lawmakers can use to educate themselves about medical marijuana. Representative Mike Ball led efforts to get Carly’s Law approved.

Ball recognizes the potential of medical marijuana and has seen what a difference it can make for so many people.

Rep. Ball said, “I would welcome any faith-based discussion on this because this is about healing. The opposition comes from people who practice politics in the name of religion. Say if people have this oil for this purpose, they won’t be prosecuted; be in danger of being put in jail”

What’s stopping Alabama from fully legalizing medical marijuana? Ball speculates that it’s simply fear of change.

He commented, “I think we’re on the verge of making a big step. We were about to make a big step had it not been blocked we would have, it would have been a big step. But now, it’s a baby step. Anytime that we’ve progressed its fear and ignorance is what we have to overcome.”

Alabamans shouldn’t expect any further marijuana law reform until next year when information from the study commission has been gathered, reviewed and discussed.