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Researchers Find That Marijuana Really Does Cause “the Munchies”


Researchers have determined that using marijuana really does cause “the munchies,” making users crave sweet and salty junk foods.

Data from over 2,000 U.S. counties over a decade (2006 – 2016) showed that where recreational marijuana is legalized, sales of junk food increased, according to a paper published on SSRN.

Specific comparisons were made in counties with legal marijuana bordering counties without. Chips seem to be the most popular munchies food since their sales increased 5.3%. Ice cream and cookies are also rather popular with sales increasing by 3.1% and 4.1%.

The researchers said, “The increase in sales starts at the time of the legalization becomes effective. The effect slightly decreases in the semesters thereafter for ice cream and chips, but not for cookies.”

The combination of some cannabinoids and terpenes in marijuana strains stimulate appetite more than others which can make cravings stronger for specific types of foods. Coincidentally, these foods also seem to taste a whole lot better after consuming marijuana.