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6 Big Pharma Drugs Marijuana Could Replace

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Americans are beginning to replace prescription drugs and alcohol with marijuana.

Chronic pain, anxiety and depression sufferers are particularly inclined to use marijuana instead of prescription drugs due to the horrible side effects from the drugs intended for these medical conditions.

Many recent research studies have begun to reveal the effectiveness of marijuana at easing pain, improving quality of life, and reduced risk rates. As research studies continue to unveil the benefits of marijuana for medical conditions, it is expected that many more people will switch to using marijuana as an alternative to prescription drugs.

Here is a list of six drugs that could be replaced by marijuana:

– Percocet (painkiller)

– Xanax (anti-anxiety)

– Adderall (for ADHD & narcolepsy)

– Ambien (sedative)

– Vicodin (painkiller)

– Zoloft (antidepressant)