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Marijuana-Infused Foods to Heighten the Holidays

Xmas Marijuana Treats

Marijuana-infused foods are becoming more popular around the country–and for good reason! While pre-made marijuana-infused foods and can be purchased at dispensaries, people can also add marijuana oil as an ingredient in recipes at home.

Marijuana-infused foods will help make the holidays a bit more entertaining for everyone involved! Here are a some ideas:

Infused Olive Oil

Marijuana-infused olive oil is ideal for making salad dressings. In marinades and can be used as a finishing oil to enhance presentation. The good thing here is that the infused olive oil can also be used as a tincture. Some brands use multiple cannabinoids, such as THC and THC-A, for example.

Manufacturer servings vary, so follow the instructions on the package when adding the infused oil to a recipe. It shouldn’t be used as the sole source of olive oil as using ¼ cup of marijuana-infused olive oil in a recipe is likely to be excessive.

Infused olive oils have a flavor that is slightly more earthy than traditional olive oil and can sometimes have a greenish hue to it. The oil can be infused with additional herbs and spices to further enhance the flavor. Simply steep whole herbs and spices in the oil on medium low heat for about 10 minutes.

Infused Brownies

Marijuana-infused brownies are common in most markets. A favorite edible is a sweet treat, but these can be used to become part of a dessert or served in smaller bites to those that are marijuana-friendly. Consider adding broken up marijuana-infused brownies in an ice cream sundae or in a holiday-themed dessert. The brownies can also become holiday-themed cake pops.

These brownies don’t have to be served as-is, directly from the dispensary packaging. Get creative and dress them up or add them to another dish.

Infused Honey

Infused honey is a fairly newer item to the marijuana edibles scene. Honey is a common addition to hot tea. It’s also a common ingredient in baked goods and glazes. So, yes, making a medicated glaze for ham or other proteins (including fish) is possible.

When using an infused honey, consider replacing the extra amount with non-infused honey. For instance, if making a layered dessert that requires the use of honey on every layer, consider using the infused honey for just one layer.

The flavor remains sweet and is great for coating a sore throat.

Infused Sodas

Infused sodas are typically meant for multiple servings. Infused sodas are great for making floats, cakes, marinades and holiday punches.

Tip: Make sure cups including marijuana-infused sodas are marked in some way to prevent the kids from taking sips from random cups. Consider colored straws, stickers or wine chillers to help determine whose cup is whose.

Infused Popcorn

Marijuana has made its way to popcorn. Popcorn is a popular decoration for Christmas trees and other holiday décor, but it’s also popular on coffee tables for guests to munch on before a meal. Make sure guests know it’s medicated before their hands dive in. For the marijuana-friendly adults, consider making marijuana-infused popcorn leis to enjoy during the festivities.

Consider offering a medicated white cheddar popcorn and a non-medicated, but put them in different bowls. Include some mix-ins to make them more festive. If children will be present, make sure the marijuana-infused popcorn is out of their reach. Consider sending marijuana-friendly adults home with goodie bags including the infused popcorn and other medicated treats.

Infused Tea and Coffee

Infused teas and coffee are rather new to the marijuana-infused foods scene. They are designed to be one serving. Make a cup of holiday tea with a cinnamon stick, wedge of orange and a couple of whole cloves floating around. Consider adding marijuana-infused honey to the tea just to boost the potency.

Infused coffees are available in pod form for single-cup coffee makers. Consider adding whipped cream and crushed peppermint to the coffee to give it a holiday twist. This is a great ending to a big holiday meal, and the THC may just help make room to breath after going into a minor food coma.


When adding marijuana-infused ingredients to recipes take the individual serving suggestions into consideration. Make sure that everyone knows which dishes contain marijuana. It is okay to include marijuana-infused ingredients or foods in every course of a meal, but keep the dosages very low. The average person can only tolerate a single dose (5 – 10mg) of marijuana per every four hours.