Monday , June 18 2018
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Poll Finds That 78% of Alabamans Want Marijuana Legalized

Marijuana Card recently conducted a poll of over 2,500 of their readers. The results showed that 78-percent of those readers say Alabama should legalize marijuana. The publication is conducting an ongoing series about marijuana in Alabama.

The series explores marijuana law enforcement in Alabama and how the public feels about it, according to  Even with scientific evidence proving otherwise, still, 12-percent of readers that still believe that marijuana is a gateway drug. In an active poll on the website, 4-percent of readers still think that marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol.

Some have gone as far as saying that marijuana use is a sin, claiming that the Bible calls the body a “temple of the Holy Spirit”. To calm those arguments, those supporting marijuana say that it’s natural and is a creation of God, so it’s use should not be a sin because it should be treated like any other plant.

The on-site poll also displays that the “real-time” support is 84-percent in support of marijuana legalization by those reading the article where additional polls are included within the content.