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$2.1 Million Marijuana Investment by Facebookers, Reddit CEO

Meadow Marijuana App

Meadow, a fairly new marijuana startup in California, reportedly received $2.1 million in seed funding from several well-known sources, including Reddit founder and CEO Steve Huffman, former Facebook executives, and Joe Montana’s investment fund, Liquid 2 Ventures.

Meadow is focusing on dispatching and managing online deliveries for patients of California medical marijuana dispensaries. The startup has created a way to “see” a marijuana doctor using a smartphone. The newest venture for the company, according to SF Gate, is dispensary sales software.

Meadow is currently handling deliveries for 45 collectives. Thousands of doctor visits are taking place over the Meadow MD platform on smartphones as well.

Investor Justin Kan said, “With Meadow you have the combination of the right team, with the right product, at exactly the right time. We’re coming to a tipping point. Support for marijuana legalization has hit an all-time high, medical research is demonstrating the far-reaching applications of cannabis, and legal sales are expected to surpass $22 billion in less than 4-years. At YC, we see software disrupting old industries all the time. Meadow is disrupting this building new industry by bringing the growers, dispensaries, and patients all to one platform.”

The marijuana industry is constantly evolving and developing with technology. These measures to streamline the marijuana industry are giving the efforts towards ending prohibition a pretty good reason to work harder to ensure that prohibition ends soon.

Meadow CEO and Co-Founder, David Hua, says, “It’s been a slow roll…..We’re not looking to get bought. They have to believe in the vision.” He continued by saying that, “We have really progressive investors. We’re super, super-honored to be working with them.”

As far as the future of Meadow and the marijuana industry are concerned, David Hua also commented that, “We plan to connect the entire cannabis supply chain, from farm to flame. We started with the last mile, facilitating access between dispensaries and patients. Going forward, we’ll continue building Meadow Platform to fuel operational efficiency and regulatory compliance from farmers to patients. We have the opportunity to build technology that will become the backbone of this industry – in California and beyond – and we’re thrilled to have an incredible group of forward-thinking investors backing our mission.”