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Whoopi Goldberg Has New Marijuana Product Line for Women

Whoopi Goldberg Marijuana

Actress Whoopi Goldberg is jumping into the marijuana industry with a line of marijuana products.

Whoopi has partnered with the award-winning edibles maker Maya Elisabeth. The two are launching a line of medical marijuana products specifically designed for women that are intended to relieve pain and cramps during menstruation, reports Forbes. The Whoopi & Maya company has four marijuana-infused products – a tincture, balm, chocolate drink and bath soak – which will be available in California starting in April.

Like Whoopi, many celebrities are getting into the marijuana industry. In February, Bob Marley’s named was licensed to create a collection of marijuana products called “Marley Natural,” and Snoop Dogg also recently launched a marijuana product line, “Leafs by Snoop.”

“I have a daughter and two granddaughters who inherited my horrific menstrual cramps… Being a pot smoker for years, I talked to a lot of men in the marijuana business about developing something for period relief, and they always came back with ‘That’s too niche a market,’” said Whoopi, who would always respond saying: “Half of the planet is not a niche market!”

Whoopi has a very good chance at being successful with her female marijuana products given that marijuana sales are expected to blossom to $20 billion in the U.S. by 2020. That leaves plenty of space for Whoopi and other female ganjapreneurs.